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Authenticity Certificate

This certifies that the paintings in this site are authentic artworks created by Mithu Biswas. The painting is characterized by its unique style, composition, and techniques employed by the artist.

This artworks have been appraised and verified by reputable experts in the field of art, confirming its authenticity and value. It is accompanied by a comprehensive description and provenance, detailing its origin, history, and previous owners, wherever available.

This certificate further confirms that the paintings are in excellent condition as of the date mentioned above. Any damage or restoration, if applicable, has been disclosed within the provided documentation.

This authenticity certificate is non-transferable and remains valid for the lifetime of the artwork. It is recommended to keep this certificate in a secure place together with the painting to provide proof of its authenticity and provenance.

Note: This authenticity certificate is intended for informational purposes only and does not serve as a guarantee of future value or investment potential of the artwork. The issuing authority assumes no responsibility for any damage, loss, or theft of the artwork once it is in the possession of the owner.

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