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Privacy Policy

We make strong efforts to protect your information and privacy. This document outlines what information we collect and how we process it. You are agreeing to our privacy policy by continuing to use our website and making purchases. 

What Information We Collect

We collect several details to facilitate your orders. They are:

  • Name and shipping address
  • Phone numbers and emails
  • Order information
  • IP addresses
  • Tracking codes for shipping

We may also collect anonymised information to provide our services. Your IP address may be kept in our database to prevent fake orders and fraud. 

Additionally, our website uses cookies just like any other site. However, they don’t store your personal information but allow us to improve our services and website performance. Cookies are stored for a limited time and then deleted. 

We may save personal information in cookies when you leave us a comment or review. 

Who We Share Your Data With

We prioritise your privacy above everything else. Therefore, we don’t share your information with any third parties. 

However, your payment information is shared with payment gateways for making payments and processing refunds. It is fully secure and there is no reason for concern. 

All our payment methods are trusted and reliable. 

Protection of Your Information

You can buy Indian art paintings from us with complete peace of mind. Our website uses a secure HTTPS connection to safeguard your privacy. 

Additionally, we use SSL certificates to encrypt your data. You can place your order with full confidence. 

We may change our privacy policy at any time without prior notification. However, we will update the new policy on our website. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods