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What's New Paintings

The art world is abuzz with excitement as the highly esteemed artist Mithu Biswas unveils her latest collection of paintings, now available for exploration and acquisition on her website. Known for her enthralling and intellectually stimulating artistic creations, Mithu Biswas continues to captivate art enthusiasts with her profound and eclectic explorations in art.

Mithu Biswas’s work delves into a myriad of subjects, effortlessly traversing the spiritual realm and weaving through the complex tapestry of social politics. Her approach to these themes is deeply personal and unique, as she skillfully merges creativity with symbolism, lending a distinctive depth and resonance to her art. This fusion not only characterizes her style but also enhances the narrative strength of her pieces, inviting viewers into a world of captivating stories and profound introspection.

The new collection by Mithu Biswas, now gracing her website, is a testament to her remarkable artistic journey. Each piece in this collection is a narrative in itself, reflecting the artist’s exceptional ability to convey emotive and imaginative tales through her canvas. The vibrant colors, intricate details, and thoughtful composition of her paintings create a mesmerizing visual language that speaks directly to the soul.

Visitors to her website will find themselves immersed in the exquisite world of Mithu Biswas’s art. Here, they can explore her best-selling paintings, where every stroke and hue is a testament to her unique artistic vision. The seamless blend of emotion and imagination in her work makes each piece a cherished addition to any art collection.


Embracing the beauty of Mithu Biswas’s artistry means acquiring a masterpiece that resonates on a deeply personal level. Her website not only showcases her new paintings but also offers an opportunity for art lovers and collectors to own a part of this extraordinary artistic narrative. Whether you are drawn to the spiritual, intrigued by social commentary, or captivated by sheer beauty, Mithu Biswas’s latest creations promise to be a profound and enriching experience.