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Chess And World_04

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 38 X 40 in

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Artwork Drescription :

This chess painting is a vision of a transformed earth. It floats against a serene background of patches of varying shades of blue and hints of white. The earth symbolises unity and shared stewardship with blue oceans and cosy yellow landmasses. The deliberate choice of colours signifies a tranquil and harmonious global community.

Floating around the world are a few pawns. Each pawn contributes to the sense of shared responsibility and collective agency in shaping a peaceful world. The background, adorned with patches of blue, white, and black, adds a layer of complexity and texture.

Mithu Biswas has crafted this contemporary art in acrylic on canvas. It measures 38 x 40 inches. 

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    Payment Methods

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