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Chasing The Time_03

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 36 X 23 in

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Artwork Drescription :

In those days, I was very young. My parent always said that “don’t waste TIME”. But, I couldn’t understand the meaning of that. I wanted to be like, what I was, even I usually did, what I liked to do more of… Now, I realize that the importance of the TIME in our life… The TIME can’t wait for you… It’s always changing the law of universe… In my painting I try to represent the value of TIME in our life… That’s the way, I come up with the series of canvas “CHASING THE TIME”… In this context, I fund the HORSE was always used as a symbol to chasing the TIME. Here in my canvas, I try to build the relations between HORSE & TIME… The habit is, we always try to stop the TIME, but we can’t, even we never ever will do that… The TIME takes extremely important role in our life. In every moment the time interacts with us. It’s a journey of my life and your life. I’ve been painting because I believe THE TIME, and it based on the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. Which are showing the different perspective in our life cycle… THE TIME NEVER STOPS… happily accept and believe it…

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